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FA: Dune 2021 duke leto ring replica prototype charity auctions

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first auction ^^


^^ second auction

These auctions are each for two rings. One pictured (3d printed metal prototype), and one cast from the limited production run. Rings ship free, Priority USPS included. The prototype rings will ship Monday 12/13/2021 if paid upon auction end. The second ring will be delivered early 2022

Pictured rings are 24k gold plating over 60% 420 stainless steel, 40% bronze, chemical patina applied. 2mm square princess cut emerald CZ bonded on each side. Ring size 10.5 US.

Cast ring (not pictured) will be antiqued gold plated stainless steel with CZ gems. The cast ring will have a few options for sizes, which you can select when they're ready.

Extensive research has gone in to replicating the details to my best ability from what was seen on screen. You can learn more about this research on the replica prop forum, at zenix's Dune 2021 ring build and research thread

The auction is for the exact ring pictured as well as a second cast ring early next year.

100% of these auctions will go directly to charity to provide access to clean water in developing nations.

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