Expendables 2 stuntman dies on set

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Wes R, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Wes R

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  2. Maelstrom

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    Wow. Sad news. Sympathy goes out to the family of one a here's hoping for a good recovery for the other.
  3. Apollo

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    Very sad news.
  4. hydin

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    Oh man, that sucks :(

    We love seeing these movies with the explosions and gunfire and death defying drops, but the reality is for most everything we see, there is a guy literally putting his life on the line for that shot.

    Reminds me of how Jackie Chan's doc told him "You take one more hit to the head, and you are dead."

    Hope the injured guy gets better, and my condolences for the family of the one who was lost.

  5. Jedifyfe

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    WOW! That is very sad.

    On another note, I had no idea that John Landis was directing this movie.
  6. IndyBlues

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    Ouch, lol!
  7. Megamicrofish

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    Unfortunate for John Landis as his track record on safety is not great
  8. Mike Rush

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    I think Jedifyfe was joking.
  9. Jedifyfe

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    Yep. too soon? ;)
  10. MooCriket

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    Very sad indeed:(
  11. DaddyfromNaboo

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    No, it´s not. Those guys are professionals and usually can pretty much tell what is safe and what isn´t.

    It´s very often pressure that is put on members of the team from the outside that makes things dangerous.

    If a director wants something really bad, and everybody´s hurrying up to get that shot done, especially after a long day, then the guard goes down, making things dangerous.
  12. Jedi2016

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    No movie is worth someone getting hurt, much less killed. If this is the result of someone rushing or skipping some safety step, then heads should roll.
  13. dbuck

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    Was this intentional? Ouch.
  14. robstyle

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    I asked a friend about this yesterday since he knows some of the people on the crew. What it was is a small boat getting its side blown out with stunt performers inside the boat. The way he worded it is it involved a smaller rubber landing boat as special forces would use and then he mentioned the metal boat so it sort of confused me. The explosion im told was done to blow the side of the metal boat out but it was too much and literally blew one guy up with the other guy nearly meeting the same fate. It was an accident, not pressured from anyone to perform as far as anyone is talking.
  15. Techkman

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    That sounds horrible, I hope the other guy gets through it in one piece, still a horrible way to go for the stunt actor.

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