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I have been working on an Ewok Build and wanted to post up some WIP pics.

Check out the progress so far.

253387_798283230194031_6026360565736194260_n.jpg 10608409_912659378756415_3216694348365788369_o.jpg 11079508_912659418756411_3932493655178344241_o.jpg 10954331_912659398756413_5490901157732762068_o.jpg 11095616_912659428756410_3486601176243395374_o.jpg 11149338_917509134938106_1062544636643647504_n.jpg 11031997_917509121604774_7256599127690708149_n-2.jpg 11084132_912659442089742_1169330856888847077_o.jpg

He's not pretty right now but he will be.

The understructure is made from a Dummy Pepakura Helmet file traced on to soft craft foam. This keeps the head flexible and light weight. Hot Glue loves this stuff so I didn't have to worry about the pieces coming undone.

I used sculpy clay to create the lips and nose pieces. I knew from the very beginning I was going to cover these with leather so I made the pieces a little smaller to accommodate the layer of leather and hot glue. I added some minor details using sculpting tools to get them to look more like real flesh. (you will have to cook the clay)

Finally I added some padding to the cheeks used some plastic sheets to create the teeth and glued it all to the substructure. The Masking tape I used to hold the substructure keeps everything together and I am generously using enough glue it won't prevent the fur from attaching to the substructure.

More photos to come.



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Here are some more photos for the past couple of weeks.

11150750_916377091717977_6124701241508320307_n.jpg 11083926_912659475423072_2873234983485101336_o.jpg 11154888_912659485423071_1044420820831156519_o.jpg 11096390_912659452089741_6118522963914636351_o.jpg 11149823_912659445423075_3619159572428841382_o.jpg 11009935_912659432089743_3963474232815912110_o.jpg 11121884_912659425423077_7506539740580910977_o.jpg

So my mum and I sat down to work on the body section and I wanted to create a suit that contained a under padding that could be removed and washed. This separate padding section would also allow the padding to be adjustable and interchangeable if the wearer would like to decrease or increase the fullness of the fur.

Ewok are round balls of fur and this little guy is one cuddly mess that is shedding all over my workshop, my kitchen and every other crevasse it can find.

There are adjustable velcro straps on the shoulders so the wearer can raise or lower the padding for comfort.


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And here are the most recent photos from today's work.

11181401_920614631294223_1231512543221481947_n.jpg 10393905_920614621294224_8126128315858579212_n.jpg 11164792_920613564627663_1429353350982520091_n.jpg 11164591_920613544627665_275013495819742056_n.jpg 11149338_917509134938106_1062544636643647504_n.jpg 11031997_917509121604774_7256599127690708149_n-2.jpg 11036807_917509111604775_7053150730714582710_n.jpg

Right now the eyes are only taped into place until I can get outside and tint them with some wood varnish and some polyurethane. You can see the substructure is holding together really well and I will be covering the insides with some felt to make it comfortable for the wearer.

There will be velcro in the head to allow the addition of head padding and chin strapping to keep the head from wiggling around.

I still need to get the Orange leather from Tandy Leather but that will be the last piece I work on. I need to build the hands and shoe shells next. These should be really easy compared to the head and the body.


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Here is an update, I have finished the head and started working on the cowl. There is nothing like working on $80 sheets of leather with no real plan or template... One wrong move and I would have to take another trip down to the Tandy Leather shop.

The finished head looks enormous on my daughter.

Profile view looks really good here.

One big teddy bear! He is so FLURR-FFY!

Crafting is always better in the middle of the floor!

He is starting to take on a real personality!

I love this little fellow!


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This is incredible. He does in fact look like a bucktooth teddy bear without his hood. I'm looking forward to see the last detals, since very little can change the look so much.



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This is incredible. He does in fact look like a bucktooth teddy bear without his hood. I'm looking forward to see the last detals, since very little can change the look so much.


Thanks TazMan...

Here he is with most of the pieces assembled. I am still working on the feet. My sewing machine died so I have been hand stitching the shoe covers and the toes.



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Looks fantastic ... however I would bulk out his face and belly a bit more with foam or something similar and add a spear, please :


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