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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by IMFletcher, May 9, 2012.

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    Does anyone know about (or is a member here the owner of) Evolution Props? I am thinking about buying their DL44 ESB flash hider and wondered if anyone has ever purchased one or has experience with them.


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    I have their ESB flash hider, to be used on the han esb I am working on. It looks brilliant. I did have to sand down the barrel of my mauser to get it to slide on, but it didn't take too much work. I'm quite pleased with it, overall. Looks accurate to me.
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    I had some of them on my lathe, to enlarge their bore - when delivered they didn´t even fit on a MGC, not to speak from the slighly bigger Denix barrel. At these fh there was more needed than some sanding. But any local macine shop should be able to change that for you - if he hadn´t noticed and changed that already.

    It had 3 thin knurled rings and a not rounded taper - Lukes had 3 thin knurled rings + rounded taper, and Han Bespin had the same kind of flashhider, Han Hoth had 2 knurled rings (one small and one wide, probably not real knurled but painted) and no rounded taper. Soooo - depending on your needed/wanted accuracy it´s not really accurate to any screenused blaster. Or a little bit accurate to every version - it depends on your point of view.

    But i never checked if their measurement is accurate, it weren´t mine, just helping others that have no own lathe. Generally they looked good machined.

    OK, not sure if all that really helps you. ;)

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