Evil Pumpkin Mask


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I have a friend who drives a tractor for the hayrides at a local farm. He asked me to make a mask for him to wear during the Halloween season. I looked around online and found a pumpkin mask that someone made out of a REAL pumpkin. It was carved into the shape of a skull and looked pretty cool. I replicated that mask with foam. Although I had made several foam props using patterns from Evil Ted and Punished Props, this was was my first project creating my own prop 100% from scratch.

I made a paper template to get the size and shape correct, then transferred it to foam. Here is the mask all cut out and textured.


I heat formed the mask with a heat gun, painted it up and added some twine through one of the eyes as an embellishment. I used contact cement to attach it to a hockey mask from Family Dollar so it would be easy to wear. My friend wore denim overalls and a burlap hood to complete the look for the character. I was going to use black mesh from an old screen door to cover the eyes, but we agreed that since he would be driving a tractor at night with a bunch of kids in tow, obscuring his vision even slightly was a bad idea.