Evil Dead chainsaw hand


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I modded a Spirit Halloween chainsaw to work as my Ash chainsaw hand. Inside I relocated the switch to activate the sawblade and sound to a center post. This allowed me to hang onto the saw with my hand. I wore a painted heavy glove to look like his mechanical hand that fit perfectly inside. This allowed me to stay in character without the saw on.
This is also my second chainsaw hand build. The first got a signature on the blade from Bruce Campbell so I didn't want to cosplay with it anymore. This one is meant to be worn and banged around with little worry about loosing the signature.
Top handle is made from a strip of 1/8 inch heavy aluminum notched and hand folded to fit the saws body. A piece of oak molding I had left over was perfect for the top of the handle, the bottom strip is a piece of paint stir stick.
This is also designed to still come apart so I can do upgrades or fixes to anything that might fail. Namely my poor wiring skills that will eventually fail. I'm still learning.


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Very cool, I've thought about doing something similar every time I saw one of these at Spirit.
The first one I built was a big step for me. It's the first 'big' build I did for cosplay. A little trial and error as I went, it was an easy step in project that taught me a lot. This build is way better than my first. I may one day make one to sell too. If nothing else, just because it was fun to make and the smiles it gets from other people are priceless.

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