Evil Dead Chainsaw 2: Working version!


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So recently I acquired a working Homelite XL model Chainsaw from an ebay auction. The engine works beautifully, and I plan to mod it into an Evil Dead chainsaw that will be able to actually run. The big obstacle is figuring out a means of re-building the trigger mechanism to where the trigger is housed on the back of the saw. Upon inspecting the saw itself, the mechanism is VERY simple in nature, and only requires a piece to pull on the spring attached to the engine. If I can find something sturdy and long enough, I can simply run it down the existing handle and into the clamp cuff I'll be mounting to the back which will hide my hand. If anyone here has any experience with modding trigger mechanisms, or has insight into working with a Homelite XL, I'd GREATLY appreciate the assist. I've only got one of them, and I'd like to make it count! (pics as soon as I can get them)
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To answer the question, yes, it was before you're suggestion, which again, the toy mechanism was brilliant.
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This is the situation I've got to work with in case anyone has a suggestion. At this point I'm just trying to figure out a good way to affix the cuff and add a sturdy handle. Unfortunately removing the engine without destroying it is a no-go due to the saw being in poor shape (stripped screws, plastic bent, etc), so that has to be a factor.
No advice for you other than to be careful and don't forget to take into account that the carbuerator on a chainsaw will go from cold to "hello, you just got a second or third degree burn" in a few seconds so definitely plan around heat and exhaust, in addition to the trigger mechanism.
This strikes me as an awesome non-starter idea. One that has huge obstacles to overcome feasibility, functionality, and finally safety... however, I've been wrong before. I'd be very interested to know your progress on this project! Stay safe man...

Hey guys, been away for awhile, but I'm back, and I've actually done it. I modified the Homelite to run and latch onto my hand. I saw the posts on safety, and I gotta say, I laughed a bit. Did you guys really think I'd leave the chain on the saw? I can't imagine another safety concern, so thats what I assume you meant. haha. Anyways, I removed the chain, and the saw is completely functional. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a way to remake the throttle, so I rigged it to the shotgun harness to achieve the same results.

Evil Dead Chainsaw Demo - YouTube

Since the video I've repained the saw, and I am in the process of making a fake chain for the blade.
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