Evil Dead 4.....

Keep waiting, as much as id love to see it. But then again do we really want a part 4? AOD came off good, id hate to see this end up like the crystal skull.
Sounds interesting, I'm not a big fan of franchise reboots myself but it could very well drag in younger fans which in turn might mean more Evil dead movies ,games, what have we not.
I'll look forward to it when and if it comes.
The same kind of 4 like the first half of Evil Dead 2 is.

Only first 10 minutes or so wasn't it?, since they didn't have the rights to the first film for flashbacks if I recall. But it was still Bruce Campbell as Ashley Williams and the character was the same guy.

This sounds like a whole new animal and there will be no continuity with AOD, original or alternate ending and looking like Ash isn't the hero anymore.

I dunno, someone else finds the Necronomicon?
Or they just start over like the other films never happened?
And have another guy with chainsaw? or a new character with a new

Anyways, it's not picking up after AOD so that is a disappointment to me
"Groovy...hail to the king baby."I hope they get back to the roots of "The Evil Dead" and go for the "R" rating instead of making it "kid friendly".As much as I enjoy Army of Darkness AKA Evil Dead 3,it was a bit too gimicky and comic book like.I hope Sam Raimi gets back to the horror and the Three Stooges slap stick!
Well if it were up to me to work something new and old together...

Go ahead and put some new characters in that make the mistake of messing with the Necronomicon, they can put in all the CGI stuff you know they are dying to do, whatever other elements they feel compelled to update things with,

Then when all is lost they gotta seek out old Ash to help bail them out.

How awesome would it be to catch up with Ash 20 years later and see his reaction to a new bunch of dopes that couldn't leave the book alone? LOL

That keeps the continuity intact and should please old fans, and accomplishes a "reboot" more or less.

I think some of the charm of the old films is Raimi was roped in by budgets, it really forces creativity. Even Campbell has said not sure you can make an Evil Dead film for 100million dollars.
Well, if they could capture the same scary qualities of the original but do so with a little bit more money and make-up technology, I'd be all for it.

The original is well done in many ways... but suffers in the SFX department. It could have also stood to give the characters and their relationships a little time to develope.

However, I don't like CGI in horror movies. A little well placed and subtle CGI is okay... but when it all becomes CGI, it takes me out of the moment. It turns a horror movie into the Star Wars Prequels. I prefer a lot more practicle effects in my horror movies. It can be enhanced with a little CGI, but that's it form me. I never even went to see Drag Me to Hell, because all I saw in the trailers was a bunch of obvious CGI.

Keep it dark, keep a lot unseen and mysterious. Keep the dark comedy, but don't turn it into the shtick that AoD became.

To me the first one was great, the second one got a little more comedic, but was still scary and gave us a bit more time with the characters and a little better make-up, the third was just a comedy. There was nothing scary about it. All of the added effects were lame. It was just a bunch of corny one liners that robs the first two... it's the Batman and Robin of Evil Dead.
The original is well done in many ways... but suffers in the SFX department. It could have also stood to give the characters and their relationships a little time to develope.

This is mostly true, but the china doll demon effect they did towards the end, even though it was really just minimal makeup and some eye contacts, still creeps me the hell out.
I've watched a few of the "Burn Notice" episodes with him in it, and he's really looking old. He's not Harrison Ford in a Diaper old, but he's on his way there.

Personally I think the alternate ending of the ruined future in "Army of Darkness" might be interesting. Or at least could have him stuck there for years, maybe even learning some magic from the Necronomicon making him a badass sorceror as well, until he's able to go back to the time that the Deadites just start taking over the world and he stops them, saving the future.
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