Everything Everywhere All At Once

Finally watched it on the Big Screen over the weekend and what a thrill it was..
I can't say much as to spoil it would as Yoda would say.
Best going in cold...
I knew of it but had skipped the trailer and glad I did.
Famous faces coupled with clever and in places hilarious use of shall we say Props!
You feel like you know the story but then you might..

Not seen that other Multiverse movie but sure there's room for two and probably..

No Desk Volting in that one!
Just got out of seeing it. I was not ready for what this movie was. From the trailer I figured I'd enjoy it, but I was not prepared for how much this movie would genuinely move me. An absolutely beautiful film and I'm so glad I saw it.

slc punk GIF by hero0fwar
Those that have seen it know!

Studio A24 seem to be on such a roll with the movies they release, I know little about them but see their deco font pop up on a great many movie atm..
Ex machin and Under the skin spring to mind..
Just watched it last night, and I was absolutely floored. This is a masterpiece, maybe one of the top films of the last 50 years. The fact that the script was years in development absolutely shows, and I think the move to rewrite it from a Jackie Chan vehicle to one for Michelle Yeoh was serendipitous. She is phenomenal, giving what’s easily the best performance of her career, and the story is much more powerful for the change. If this movie isn’t deluged with a tsunami of creative awards, there is no justice.
I love this movie even more now.
Yeah, I noticed the credits were surprisingly thin for such a technical tour de force, and this just makes it more impressive.

I think this film will be studied in film schools and writing workshops for decades.

As for the coincidental flurry of multiverse films, Drinker draws an interesting contrast between this film and the Dr. Strange sequel (SPOILERS):

I just watched this film as it was added to Amazon Prime for free and I'm glad it was free. I would have felt cheated having to pay for this.

It wasn't for me. It seemed like something written by stoners in high school that had a rough idea for film and just decided to make it over a weekend using bits and pieces they had lying around.
Can’t wait to see the Oscar’s! Everything Everywhere All At Once was amazing and inspired my 2022 rendition of Jobu Tupaki


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This is pretty crazy, all of the VFX (aka CG) work for this movie was done by a team of 5 people, not 50, not 500, but 5!

And here's a great video on how they did all of the fight choreography.

I'd forgotten about the confetti effects!.. A rewatch is on the cards..
Short Round embracing Indy on stage made my night!

And of course…


Jamie Lee and Yeoh winning was also great, but I have much more attachment to the two above… one made my childhood, one was prominent in my teen movie years….

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