Everything Everywhere All At Once


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Finally watched it on the Big Screen over the weekend and what a thrill it was..
I can't say much as to spoil it would as Yoda would say.
Best going in cold...
I knew of it but had skipped the trailer and glad I did.
Famous faces coupled with clever and in places hilarious use of shall we say Props!
You feel like you know the story but then you might..

Not seen that other Multiverse movie but sure there's room for two and probably..

No Desk Volting in that one!


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Just got out of seeing it. I was not ready for what this movie was. From the trailer I figured I'd enjoy it, but I was not prepared for how much this movie would genuinely move me. An absolutely beautiful film and I'm so glad I saw it.

slc punk GIF by hero0fwar
Those that have seen it know!

Studio A24 seem to be on such a roll with the movies they release, I know little about them but see their deco font pop up on a great many movie atm..
Ex machin and Under the skin spring to mind..

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