Every Harry Potter chocolate frog cards from Universal Studios (and more)!


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Fun Fact! I wanted to share with you all that I learned recently. Besides the originals and the s10 versions are the only ones we know with the founder's name written in one line (not stack).

They actually make a come back in Japan, 2014 (the year their Wizarding World of Harry Potter park first opened)! I only have two currently (the ones you see in the pics). I'm not sure if they still do this and changed to the more current ones. Japan's chocolate frog cards in general are hard to come by!

Here's Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff:


If anyone has the other two founders (Slytherin and Gryffindor), I would love to see them! Japan's are a little different then the American ones in small detail wise. I noticed that the Japan's chocolate frog cards character figure's are longer. For example we can see pass Helga's elbow, our version doesn't go pass it. Same can be said with Rowena; we can see a little below her hands. I know! Its so small who cares!? But I noticed lol also the cards seem more vibrant in color in the portraits. The Ravenclaw's scan looks actually how you would see it; you can see the green and red in real life. I also feel like they are made of different materials. The backs are sorta matte-like while ours are glossy.

Anyways! Thought it could be a good convo piece to share. I haven't seen anyone else talk about it before so I thought I would. Tell me if you guys prefer names stacked or one line? I personally prefer the one line because they can't put the dang TM trademark at the end of the name.

Happy Collecting!

Stay safe,
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I’ve also noticed in the Japan cards I have that the copyright information lines (at bottom of the cards in black writing) are both of equal length. Whereas the other cards copyright lines are of different lengths. It’s the surest way I have seen to tell a Japan card. Also I have noticed a texture difference on the back. The older cards have been more glossy on the back. The newer ones are not as high shine/glossy Feeling/looking.


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One thing i learned but i don't think it is spelled out well on the original post is this:
Just as the Limited Edition SILVER Dumbledore was ONLY available/sold at Universal Studios Japan,
The Limited Edition GOLD Dumbledore was ONLY available/sold at Universal Orlando Florida. That means from what i'm hearing, Universal Studios Hollywood didn't get an exclusive. Thus making the Gold just as rare as the Silver.


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Hi all! I've been interested in starting a collection and going full throttle for a while now but previously was really intimidated by the whole process. Just started and have Salazar Slytherin, Jocunda Sykes, and two Artemisia Lufkin from a Universal Studios Orlando trip last year - I'm also collecting the trading cards. A shame that we won't know when the parks will open again. Happy collecting!


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Thanks for this informative thread, I haven't been able to find any information on the cards from any official source. Is there any?

I recently went to the Warner bros Harry Potter Studio Tour in London (Leavesden) and bought the collectors tin with Albus Dumbledore and the four founders cards. I also bought three single frogs and ended up with Bertie Bott, Gilderoy Lockhart and Paracelsus. I didn't realise until afterwards but one of the three had a small round gold sticker on the packaging which I think stated '2020 card inside' (I picked this up from a different shop in the studio tour from the other two - it was Paracelsus). Since I have been on ebay and ordered four others.

Providing they all turn up and are real, I am left needing Ollivander, Lufkin and Dodderidge.

I always wanted a chocolate frog card as soon as I first read Harry opening his on the hogwarts express. There were some released but these weren't like the film versions at all and didn't even stay as witches and wizards.

I am very impressed (and full of childlike excitement) with these pentagonal versions and will try to collect all of the regular releases!

Couple of questions... Do we know if the gold, year dated, stickered ones will contain just the new releases from that year or all of the cards until that point?

And is there any 'official' website with proper information on these cards?

Ps. Thanks for this thread and please keep it updated!

Collection so far...(using a flash seems to sort out any lenticular blur)...
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Thanks for the updates. I have managed to find the two new ones on ebay in the UK. So far up to date with the basic set.

Interestingly in the UK for the paracelcus release you could order that particular frog and card on the Warner Bros website and also they were at the studio Tour shop in a separate basket so you knew what one you were getting.

Since newer releases the website does not let you order the new card and when I visited the studio Tour shop again they had no option to buy the new frog card.

Still very little mainstream info on new card releases, I only find that here on this very thread (thank you for that). The UK Warner Bros website now mentions Ignatia Wildsmith in the description (along with some of the other witches and wizard names) of the chocolate frog product.


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4 new cards coming out within the next two years

  1. Bridget Wenlock - coming in 2022
  2. Beaumont Marjoribanks - coming in 2022
  3. Beatrix Bloxam - Coming in 2023
  4. Bowman Wright - Coming in 2023


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