Even in Australia, I'm STILL better than playskool


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Somehow, Playskool2000 and I got involved in the worlds first and biggest tricorder pissing match, and I'm about to serve up a steaming hot pile of ass-kickery with this baby.

Presenting the newest addition to the Matt Munson tricorder family, a fan made fully functional Mark X Medical tricorder.

The things a frickin' piece of beauty. Stunning in it's functionality and finish. Every time I add another tricorder to the pile, the latest one out does the previous one. The big kicker on this one is that it makes a CLOSING ratchet sound in addition to all of the typical bells and whistles. (and I say "typical" very lightly, as these pieces are anything but)

Much like the past few additions, there is simply NO WAY to get closer to a screen used piece. This was made using stuff that was either made directly from actual pieces, or made for production pieces. Truly mind numbing. Worse than a slurpee induced brain freeze, I assure you.

As always, detailed write up on the website.


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"a fan made fully functional Mark X Medical tricorder"

fully functional?...that is damned inpressive...you should call up the patent office...future tech like that could make you some serious cash....skott (he he...you said "fully functional" while talking about tng...he he he...please tell me i'm not the only one to find that amusing)


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Originally posted by slave1pilot@Mar 2 2006, 12:57 PM
Is that the same one that you blurred out  the details of a few months back?
I remember something about that thread.

hehehe. no, that was a different one. The one with the blurred out details was the Nemesis mark X tricorder. You can actually purchase the kit from rod.com, and it includes those graphics.


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Nice Score Matt.

If I ever decide to sell my Screen-Used Mark X Science Tric I know who to first offer it too. Your Voyager Trics would be a set then.