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    I spoke with my modeling guru pal, Scott (CC) Alexander, today about his 2001 projects and he pointed me to one of his Pods that is 1/12 now, but will be available in Studio Scale ( 1/6 ) soon. He said the 1/6 Studio version will have a much more detailed interior and that the whole thing will have a diameter of about 13.5 inches. We even joked of having a miniature Frank Poole in the arms of the Pod for display purpose..lol :) The only reason I placed it in this forum was because it will be in 1/6 Studio Scale soon. That plus this is right up my alley. :p I don't know what it is about the Pod, but it just takes me back... and yet forward....weird. :confused I like it. This will be a must have for me. :D Check it out...

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    Wow.. Man that's good.
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    Kurt, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but what you forgot to mention is the 1:6 scale Pod is not a kit. Its only being done as a finished collectible. I definitely don't want anyone to get the wrong idea.

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    HA... :angel I just got a bit over anxious to share the info. :$ Any way you look at it... it will be an awesome piece to own. :thumbsup :D :thumbsup

    I think most on this board know I mostly collect finished pieces anyway, though it hasn't yet been a requirement...LOL..., but I am glad you were able to set things straight. :p

    Your stuff definitely isn't smoke and mirrors... :) It's as good as it gets.

    Somebody wipe that brown off my nose. :lol

    Naaa..I am definitely serious about the quality,... of that I AM SURE. B)

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