EVA Foam Doesn't Let Air Flow Through It (Breathe), Does It???


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Hi everyone. This is my stupid newbie question.

EVA foam doesn't breathe, does it?

From what it seems, it doesn't...but I wanted to make sure.

I'm asking because for part of the helmet I'm working on, there is some leather that needs to be added. I figure, if the foam itself isn't going to breathe, there's no reason to use actual leather when I could just use some vinyl instead. It'll be cheaper and easier for me to source.

Thanks in advance.


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I think I might have just found my answer...EVA is closed cell foam, so I'm going to go with that means it doesn't let any air pass through it.


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Hi Jeff,

If you have a closed foam helmet,I would either make small holes in the area in front of the mouth,or I would construct some kind of cooling system.
Other than that I would not know.
Good luck with your build !


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I've not tested it ever but I think it's safe to say you're not getting air through the foam without some serious pressure behind it.

I guess leather breathes? I think that your vinyl is probably the best bet.


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Thanks guys...it's not a fully enclosed helmet, so that's not an issue.

I had just been planning on using leather for the "decorative" pieces, but then thought why spend the money on real leather when I can get vinyl for cheaper...especially if the helmet itself is going to be hot to wear anyways...


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I like to use craft foam as a leather substitute sometimes. Especially if its for decorative purposes on armor and what not. while craft foam doesn't breath that shouldnt be an issue if its just for decoration and its not completely enclosed. If you put the foam in between two pieces of parchment paper and then iron it lightly it completely seals the foam without warping it and gives it a very nice leathery look. It looks great after you hit it with a little dark brown and some black. I lack to add detail by including writing in elvish, Predator, etc.. around the pieces as well as including stitch marks. Finishing it off with a black wash makes the details pop out and it looks great.
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