EVA foam and plastidip


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Anyone run into issues with Plastidip causing thin sheets of EVA foam to ripple? I didn't glue the edges of some pieces of thin EVA foam down to the base of the prop i am working on because I didn't realize the plastidip would cause it to ripple.. i guess I can just reglue the edges when it dries, but i feel like it's caused the foam to shrink?


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I've had this happen a couple times. It's probably got something to do with the chemicals in the stuff. Since plasti-dip has latex in it, it shrinks a bit when it dries.


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It's probably less that the foam is shrinking and more that the plasti dip shrinks a bit as it dries. Since one side is getting painted, it ripples and pulls up the edges. it's usually best to use contact cement in situations like that. You can cover a large area evenly and completely before you spray and it doesn't change shape.


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How I've reduced plasti-dip rippling: switch to liquid vs aerosol. I'm starting the think it's the solvent in the aerosol, as the rippling returns if I dilute the liquid with solvent. I've been using heat instead to thin my liquid plasti-dip. Messier process, but currently worthwhile.
Also, a quick heat-gun seal of the foam beforehand helps as well. I'll use contact cement if I need the item sturdy, but if I'm after a semi-flexible, quick or lightweight build I usually forgo it.
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