EVA 6mm foam in UK found.

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Br3nty, Apr 19, 2012.

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    Hi all, first post =]

    I have found a great supplier of 6mm EVA foam in the UK. I struggled to find a place to buy it from which wasn't really expensive, I rang around the foam suppliers and they were puzzled as to where I could get 6mm eva from ... If you are interested here's the eBay link :*


    I hope this resolves any problems UK costume makers are having finding the foam and hope that this helps. Now I can finally start my iron man suit !
  2. Br3nty

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    Also, I will be uploading my progress of my suit tonight. I only
    Recieved the foam yesterday so I will be cutting out the chest tonight. My
    Glue gun has yet to arrive.

    Any tips on cutting the angles for the MK VI iron man suit?

  3. AdamJ

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    Thanks for the link but its a tad expensive..... I got 32sqf of 10mm eva foam mats for £15 on ebay.
  4. widescreen

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    Thanks for the info.

    If it was me - i'd make a couple of blocks with mitred edges (different angles). You find that any difference between the required angles & the cut edges can be filled with more glue.

    Have your seen the thread/tip for improving glued joints. Basically you put some tape over the outside edges (forming a joint between the two edges, glue the faces and when dry remove the tape - it leaves a nice clean corner.
  5. Br3nty

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    Thanks for the info, I'll take a look over it and see what I come up with :).

    How come you chose 10mm Eva foam? I thought most used 6mm?
  6. theblueraja

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    I used this page for mine. I've yet to use it but it's much more substantial than camping mats and not as hard to work as the foam playmats I picked up at Tesco.
    Coscraft Plastazote Foam
  7. P3laton3

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    the link doesn't work anymore :(
  8. capuchin16

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    For plastazote foam (very similar to EVA) I normally order from here

    Or if I need more than just foam i buy from here

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