Etching lines with a Dremel?

I've just been using the Engraving Cutter #107 bit and a steady hand to etch faux-panel lines in my newest project, but I was wondering if there was a better, more efficient way to etch clean, straight lines with a consistent depth and width in Bondo. Does anybody have any tips or tricks to share? My lines have to be a 1/4 inch wide and an 1/8th of an inch thick. Thanks in advance!
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I usually score a line with a blade first, the work progressively larger metal files to enlarge it. The stengel is great but one slip and you know what happens
You should use the router attachments for the dremel. Thats the only way I could think of getting perfectly leveled lines using a dremel..
@chuckyAPP: That sounds like a great method for straight lines on a flat surface, but my project is curved. Thanks for your input, though.

@tubachris85x: I think you've got the right idea. I'll pick up a routing attachment on the way home from work today and test it out. Thanks, Chris!
I like to use a lino block engraving tool, followed by a set of small files. A little slower than a dremel, but easier to control.

The tool:

I do the same as Volpin (he kids though, it's a LOT slower than a dremel) but when I do use a dremel I make sure I use a cordless. The dremel cord use to mess me up so bad. The cordless one is so much easier to use.
i used the same method chucky mentioned on my ns-4 sculpt

triangular files on bondo

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