ESWAT Seburo Assault Rifle


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Hey prop fans :)

As a long time fan of all things appleseed, I have been on a mad hunt to add Shirows classic MN-23 to my collection.
After many years, I am still trying to get one....

When Ex Machina came out I found a new object of desire: the ESWAT assault rifle. Since no replica existed (that I know of...) I decided I just needed to make one:

The whole gun was made from a combination of basswood and balsa wood with additional details taken from a P90 airsoft replica.

The Seburo CX handgun pictured was a resin kit that I added a gas blowback Walther PPK and finished, so I can't take credit for it's "from scratch" origin, but has also been a long standing favourite of mine and I was happy to finally acquire an unassembled kit.

Dan S.
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That's fantastic! :eek

It looks great, and the fact that it's almost all scratch-built is amazing. It's so clean!

What remains of the P-90? All I can spot is the fire select switch.

Does your trigger work? How about the charging handle?

Big Shirow fan here :)

Lots of others are, too.

Welcome aboard, by the way.

-Mike J.
That's fantastic. I'm just about to throw some paint on my exploder kit. I really love the seburo line of weapons, and that design aesthetic in general. Any chance of getting some work in progress shots?
Thank you! re purposing things is vital for good prop making I think ;)

@Sith Sheriff Brody

Thank you for the kind words and welcome :)
The gun is a static piece with no moving parts. I was going to retro fit the P90's firing mechanism into it, but I couldn't rationalize the BB feed mechanism, so I decide to forgo it.
The charging handle is static as is the trigger.
As for the P90 parts, the fire select switch, sight rail, sight, flashlight and strap were all that I farmed form it. The barrel is made from leftover Nerf gun parts I had on hand. The chassis and magazine are basswood and the grip is 6 layers of 1/4" balsa wood sandwiched together then hand carved with a dremel, sandpaper and too much weekend time..


I have some work in progress shots that I can post.
The exploder kit was a lot harder to finish than I thought because of flaws in the casting/gaps that needed to filled and finished prior to final paint.
The best part is when I test fired the gun for the first time......gas blowback guns pack a bit of a kick and some of the muzzle force damaged the finish on the front of the I haven't fired it since.....

As for the Seburo line, I just love the designs. I think since I simply can't get the MN23 resin kit anymore, that might be my next project......


Thank you! I do believe my wife makes a rather nice Deunan Knute....coincidence perhaps? ;)
Appleseed has existed in print form since the 80's and various films were made, the latest of which being Appleseed and Appleseed: Ex Machina.
Sadly, I am not presently aware of any series.
Great build :thumbsup

I really liked the ESWAT weapons from the previous movie, can't seem to find any images online though.

I see Appleseed is being rebooted yet again as Appleseed XIII by IG, looks kind of grungy in comparison with the previous ones 'tho (excepting the awful 90's attempt)
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