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Greetings fellow fans of the Snake Plissken Tracer Bracelet and Life Clock. This idea came about as I was surfing the web for more reference material for creating my own replicas of the Tracer Bracelet and/or Life Clock. I found that Sean K Fields had created some 3d cosplay versions of Snake Plissken's gear, so I decided to print out the Tracer Bracelet he had come up with, unfortunately as you will see i printed it at a lower quality because at the time was just trying to see if it would print, but it came out pretty good. If I was not just doing this for fun I would have printed it out at a higher quality to avoid the print lines. However, I digress. I took his model and modified it in order to create my Tracer/Life Clock Combination Watch Bracelet. I added some brass, copper, and an old school digital display to give it the look of not just the tracer, but the life clock. I added some buttons for the clock so that it can be set and move through the time, date, and seconds. Thought I'd share just for the fun of it. Enjoy!

Also, just so I'm not leaving out credit where credit is due here is the link to Sean's 3d prints: Snake Plissken - EFNY Cosplay Items by seankfields


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