"Escape From New York" - Snake Plissken Costume


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Finally decided on a new project and the thread title is obviously what I picked. Just got started last night, so not a whole lot of progress except for obtaining my boots to use as the base for making the custom ones Plissken wears in the film. Working on the jacket as we speak. Found a decent replica, which I can easily make screen accurate with some heavy weathering and darkening. So stay tuned.

s-l1600 (4).jpg

The replica jacket I'm considering.
s-l1600.jpg s-l1600 (3).jpg


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I've found a fairly good replica of the jacket and I'll do some of my own weathering on it to get it matched to the screen used jacket as possible. I did recieve my boots a week or so ago and will be starting modifications on them in the upcoming week or so. They are fantastic and will work perfect as the base boots.



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The key to that jacket is to BEAT THE ELL out of it, including dragging it down the street for a few miles. :lol


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Haha. Yeah it's got the look of authentic weathering not done specially for the the film and the rumor is that Kurt brought the jacket in himself and added it to the character. It's a definite almost one of a kind. My main focus at this point is the boots, it's going to be a big road to travel getting them modified. I've gotten the stripes removed so far and have been otherwise looking for the parts I need before going any further on modifying them.



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Hey everyone.
Been a while since i've posted and now its time i had a clear out of my Snake Plissken bits and pieces i got together for a costume but never got round to finishing.

Magnoli Clothiers Escape From New York Snake jacket
- the holy grail of EFNY Plissken jackets!!
This is a thing of beauty! Does not have the distressed look.
Supple soft leather and superb quailty. Size Medium / Large

View attachment 815907 View attachment 815906

Vintage Alpinestars Supervictory Motocross Boots (similiar to the Hi Point version) - size UK 9 (US 10)

View attachment 815908

1:1 Mac 10 airsoft replica plus scope (needs a bigger silencer and painting)

View attachment 815909

Snakes "President" locator - a vintage Tiger Sub Wars hand held electronic game that was converted for the movie:

View attachment 815910 View attachment 815911

similiar black and white camo trousers - not screen accurate but they do the job (size 34" waist 28" leg - short but can be tucked into the boots)

View attachment 815912

and to cap it off a Kurt Russell mullet style wig and eye patch:

View attachment 815913

It's all gone up on a certain auction site as of 6th May 2018 if anyone is interested
Thanks for looking - i hope some if not all of the above is useful.
All my best


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lol didnt know you could get a bag of mullet, looking good you have all the elements

Ha Ha! Yes the bag of mullet is still sealed..for fear of it escaping!

Yes all the elements are there. Been lovingly stored away for many years in my wardbrobe.
Now its time for it all to go to a good home and to someone who will actually use them as a cosplay etc
All my best
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