Escape from New York - Maximum Security Penitentiary sign


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Hi Guys,

Been a while and I thought I might share with you something I just whipped up.
Work got a new laser cutter, and after some rather negative mood, everyone left the office to go drown their sorrows. Perfect, time to get creative!

I had some friends coming over to watch "Escape from New York" tonight, and well, I wanted this sign to greet them.

I know it's not screen-accurate (I checked after I finished cutting), but I was going off memory and putting fonts and graphics down from the net. I then grabbed some cardboard and after a shot of paint ended up with a cool sign I plan to use with my prized Escape from New York props. Now to get back to 3D printing Snakes presidential hand scanner...

Hope you enjoy!

- Skyler101
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Thanks for asking (and I almost never say never) But, those damned things will never happen again. I was so sick of that run that by the time I wrapped things up, I didn't even keep one for myself. Wish I had though...:facepalm I can't afford my own crap these days.


I know the possibility is slim, is there ANY chance you'll do another run?