ESB Vader Reveal mask and bust. (pic intense)


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Well, I have been sitting on this project for three reasons...first being that I'm buried...well more like, completely smothered with work and life (who isnt right?), second because I'm working on 3 other *different* Vader projects as time allows...which it hasnt for the last year or so. Finally, I am no sculptor and am a little shy when I take a new plunge but in lieu of Halloween coming up I thought I'd share this:

The Empire Strikes Back reveal helmet and make-up head. The helmet is a TM ESB base and the head itself is my very first original human sculpt. As you may notice, the ESB reveal differs from ROTJ and has really become a favorite of mine. There isnt alot of reference on this piece but after lots of study I came up with the following.

And now for the pics...




As time goes on I would like to make a new neck brace for this, this one is one of those kits off ebay which I really like but it was cast flat and wants to go back to that shape putting pressure on the mask and spreading it.

Oh...and if anyone is wondering...the front has a face... ;)

Wait for it...


Wait for it...


Almost there.....


And you guessed it....I thought I'd do a bit of a tribute (hopefully) to Dave Prowse. This is a work in progress with lots left to do but I threw a wig on there just so you can get an idea.





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Re: Another...never before seen Vader.

Now thats very cool, I think you nailed the back of the head look, looks very painfull, :eek
This is the first ESB reveal i have ever seen,Well done for being original
Re: Another...never before seen Vader.

As always it looks very cool Mike.:cool I like the idea of a Prowse bust/head behind the mask. Have you sculpted the Prowse head yourself? If so, pretty good result for one of if not the first heads you sculpted:thumbsup
You are certainly the man for the "special" Vader displays:thumbsup
Re: Another...never before seen Vader.

Looks ace!

Love the 'back of the head' ! and the 'Prowse' tribute.

Re: Another...never before seen Vader.

Superb and David would definitely sign this with :



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Re: Another...never before seen Vader.

That is AWESOME bro!

Was it Dave in that scene in ESB?

Either way a great idea, wonderful execution and a neat lil tribute!

Re: Another...never before seen Vader.

Thanks everyone! Its far from done for the lack o0f time to finish but once everything is glued down it will all 'fit' a little better..there is a buldge on the back (left lookiing at it) that pushes against the neckbrace that I'd like to come through and then I'll probably case it in a similar pose to the 2nd shot.

@ Ken, I've always heard it was Dave in the make-up and there is a still with what looks like Bob Anderson (no make-up) but I figured this thing needed a face so why not Prowse? I did actually debate making no face at all at one point.

@ Niob, yes I sculpted the head myself. I had some great pointers from Phil (Cyberman) who is always very willing to help which is greatly appreciated.

Problem is there is so little reference from that era in decent resolution that I could find. I ended up focusing on a Frankenstein front shot since he was in a bald make-up and some Vader stuff but those were all at weird angles.
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about damn time someone did this. very awesome. are you going to put full reveal greeblies on the inside? i'm sure i've seen a picture were you can see a silver area inside the grill.
Thanks everyone, and thanks also for those who have pm'ed me with suggestions on improving the Prowse half...I appreciate the input and will impliment many of those changes down the line. Its great to have 'fresh' eyes on this, especially being my first try at sculpting something besides a stick. :lol

about damn time someone did this. very awesome. are you going to put full reveal greeblies on the inside? i'm sure i've seen a picture were you can see a silver area inside the grill.

Actually no on the greeblies, if we look at these shots...(and I'd love to get some BR caps of this scene) there are different things I took from each one regarding anything on the inside...

In the shot below- and there are a couple variations of this- you can see the whole appliance and also something reflective in the face part of the mask which I believe is simply a piece of plex that has been formed to the inside so that when the mask comes down it doesnt snag the actor.


In this next shot you can see something reflecting through the mouth which is the plex, the refelection dissappears half way down because thats where the plex is bent towards the front of the mask covering the bottom of the grillwork as seen in the last shot.


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