ESB Vader chestbox colors?


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Hi all. I am working on my ESB chestbox at the moment and was wondering what colors were used for the different button and the rockers.

-- I am mainly concerned with the rockers. I have done some research and I have seen some people paint the three "white" rockers anything from a very light blue to a sort of off white. It appears that each of those colors are different screen caps as well.

Then I started looking at tour suit reference photos (which I know aren't the best to reference) and the three rockers on the tour suits are a light silver. The chestbox was from ROTJ, but as far as I know those ROTJ were reworked ESB chestboxes.

SO . . . . do you guys think that silver could be that definitive color, and the reason that the rockers sometimes look bluish or white?

I was also curious if you guys think that the red rocker and the red button above it are the same red, as sometimes on appears more orange than the other?


Just speaking to the variation in colors that you mention from light blue to off white from a photographic perspective. The white balance setting in the camera that recorded the images can change the way the finished colors appear. All the rockers you have seen MAY have been painted white, but the settings on the camera that recorded the photos may make them appear to be otherwise.
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