ESB special effects documentary, 1980.

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    This has probably been posted here before, but I had never seen a thread about it, so figured it could stand to be revisited, if it had.

    This video is from 1980 and hosted by Mark Hamill.

    Incredible resource for models, sets, editing and pretty much everything else that went into these movies.
    A really well-made and revealing documentary - I wish stuff like this was still made about movies today, instead of the 4-minute "features" we see on our DVD's.

    (1980) Special Effects. The Empire Strikes Back - YouTube

    I'm saving it to my hard drive :love
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    The youtube user who uploaded that video also has uploaded more, similar videos, such as one about ROTJ. Check them out too!
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    They are all on the documentaries disk with the new blu ray set.
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    Yep I downloaded them a few weeks ago and spent an evening watching them all. I liked them so much I purchased the Blue rays even though I dont have blue ray?

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    i remember watching this when it first come out......very cool
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    Thats' awesome! Thanks for letting us know!

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