ESB/ROTJ MPC X-Wing - Need Reference


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I've been wanting a good X-Wing for quite some time, now. I'm aware of the large SS models - the 1:24 scale models - but, being on a limited budget, I don't have the funds or, really, the skill available to do one of those beauties.

So, I found something smaller.

Now, I understand that a 1978 release MPC model was used in both ESB and ROTJ for background shots, especially in scenes with the combined Rebel fleet. This is, for me, probably the only opportunity to own a screen accurate model, at least for the time being, so I picked up a 1978 kit off of Ebay for $18.00. Not bad, if you ask me.

The ship that I'm interested in modeling is the "Red 3" ship seen in the Hyperspace jump in ROTJ. I have collected some reference from doing searches on this board, and found these images:

X-Wing Model - Star Wars Collectors Archive

That's all the reference I have. Clearly, at least one model survived, and I'd love to model this myself. I could probably do this from the two images shown, but I would need some help with things like

-Paint color
-Battle damage
-Weathering (black wash?)

So, if you wouldn't mind helping me out, I'd really appreciate it. :lol
I wonder if the wings are moveable on that build. Because the wings are closed when going to hyperspace.
Those are the only good pics I've ever seen. Pity, I like the red cannon markings, wouldn't mind doing one if the rest of the scheme was at all individual (I fear it isn't, though).

There are some other pics of MPC buildups in the Archives, but all taken at a distance and not much use. Some of the models are a bit wrecked.
I think it's a fascinating subject. My kit should be getting here in the next few days.

Also, what do you guys think? Raised or recessed panel lines? I got a hold of the 1978 model, which would make sense for the ESB time period - but the cannons on the straight up model are rotated 90 degrees from what it is onscreen and in those photos. I wonder if they modified it, or if the cannons are movable in the actual kit.
There wouldn't have been any reason to use an MPC for any ESB shots, IMO. Heck, many parts of the composites for the fleet at the end were stock.
Hi there JM419.

Here I leave you a picture of the AMT Red 3 from the Star Wars exhibition in Chile back on 2009.

Although the AMT model is not as good in the detail area as the Fine Molds Model, I personally prefer the AMT model, because it has the fuselage's vertical curvature that makes it look more Studio Scale than the FM. The Fine Molds' fuselage is hard straight as the full size X Wing.
I built one last year and if you change the canons for bronze tubes it looks even better.
Good luck with your project:thumbsup

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The above model still exists, and a number of these, about 5 or 6, have survived, but you aren't going to see anything out on them. So, take your cues from the first image in this thread, subtly dark, minor weathering, and feel free to introduce your favorite patterns and color combinations (canopy, engine housings, cannon color, etc). This is basic visual perception- these were background ships, adjust your detail and contrast and value levels accordingly.

Be aware that there is also an XWing out there that was an auction item, it was assembled and painted post-SW films, but if any pics show up it may be confused as an original bg filming model.
Ok. I think I'll model the Red 3 in the original photos. Maybe make it Red 4 and not worry about uber-accuracy.
Just FYI the x on the lid of the rotj mpc box is a half finished red 3 hero from memory. Or was it red four.... Or was it a pyro.... Damn I'm getting old.
Do we know if the MPC went through any mods from the original kit? Other than lights, and an armature that is...
for instance, did they upgrade the kit with brass tube on the guns, or make a new canopy, or is everything stock?
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