ESB "Hoth scanner" prop - active project!

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Here is a little trivia for you guys...lets start with the split clamp plus insert. As you can see there´s "ASSEMBLY" written on the side of the clamp, but the rest is too worn. Any idea where this might have come from?

View attachment 1434464

And since the PL259 connectors were mentioned, here are some more shots of the antennas...

View attachment 1434465 View attachment 1434466 View attachment 1434467 View attachment 1434468 View attachment 1434469
At the very tip of this antenna is the same rivnut that is used on the Vader reveal.


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That little heatsink thing, IS that a tomtit piece, or is it the same heatsink seen on R2D2's taser arm?


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Some investigation about the antenna base(s)...

let‘s start with some pictures:

These are the two antenna bases I used as molding masters, so that is what is currently in the packages of those, who will be receiving parts from you can see the spacing of the ridges is different on these, just like on the screenused prop (lonepigeon pointed this out to me)

Digging through my pile of real parts, I found 4 more antennas with THREE different styles of black cylinders.
These two have a different finish of the plastic and the height of the metal base is slightly different.

These two not only differ with regards to the spacing of the ridges, but also the width of the center band and even the height AND O.D. of the black cylinder!!!

Here you can see the first two in comparsion to one of the molding masters (center)...about the same height!

Now take a look at the smaller ones in comparsion to the molding master:
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Now let‘s take a look at how these differences affect the dimensions of the white box...

These pics show the smaller antenna bases along with a model of the white box I had commisioned, when I scratchbuilt my first scanner. As you can see it´s overall appearance is very convincing, BUT it should be a little wider to allow the black cylinder to sit deeper in the recess of the box.

Again...different widths of the two smaller cylinders affect the results.

Here is my personal try to come up with a box, that would work with the antenna bases I molded/ cast.
Quite a difference :/
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Thanks for the comparison photos OdiWan72! From the scaling work I've been doing I think that the shorter and narrower antennae base is more accurate. I tried to get a 3D model that was made to the dimensions of your molding master to fit with my perspective matching and it just seems too large. I altered the antennae base model to fit the reference photo, which made for an overall smaller piece. I sent you some dimensions along with some other updates in a PM.

I've done my best to match the perspective of this great reference photo of the whole scanner in 3D space so as to be able to scale the unknown pieces against the known pieces. Below is where things stand at the moment.


This image incorporates the following:
- dimensionally accurate models of the soap dispenser based on my original found parts
- dimensionally accurate models of the thermostat part based on the wonderful found part castings from tubachris85x
- M6 hex bolt models at the base (kurtyboy and I reasoned this out earlier)
- split clamp models based off of drawings from OdiWan72 and lonepigeon, modified by me to match this photo
- post/tubes pieces held in the split clamps modeled by me to match this photo
- "circuit breaker" models based off of OdiWan72's initial design, scaled and modified by me to match this photo
- knurled Michell knobs modeled by me based off of my original found parts
- antennae base pieces modeled by me to match this photo
- V8 model fan hub pieces modeled by me based off of my original found part
- basic block-out models for the white box pieces modeled by me to match this photo (to be refined and finalized)
- "readout display" frame modeled by me to match this photo
- "jigsaw" and green/blue lens models based off of OdiWan72's initial designs, scaled and modified by me to match this photo
- red and green buttons roughly modeled by me to match this photo
- upper and lower metal plates modeled by me to match this photo

I've positioned all of these things as accurately as I can to represent the layout of the parts as seen in this reference and I am feeling pretty good with how things are turning out. I think we are getting closer and closer to a full understanding of this prop. The more major things that are still left to be done with this particular perspective matching project include sorting out the rest of the hardware for the circuit breakers, dialing in that little greeblie plates with the holes that sit right underneath the knurled Michell knobs, and refining and finalizing the model for the white box pieces. Then I would like to try to match all this modeling work to a couple other reference photos, just to further confirm things and dial in the details.

One of the fun things about doing this perspective matching in 3D software like Blender is it is easy to slap on some basic materials and colours to output a quick render of everything.


Fun times!
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GREAT WORK, many thanks Mike!

I just sent you some more dimensions of the two smaller bases.
Please excuse the previous messages...couldn´t delete them anymore. the last TWO should do the job and provide you with the needed dimensions


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I’m going to be ordering some laser cut metal parts for another project soon and figured I could add some parts for this active project to the order. The simplest parts to have laser cut would be the little plates that are screwed and/or riveted to the front of the scanner prop. I’ve done a bit of scaling work to determine the dimensions and thickness of these 2 pairs of plates and have come up with this little paper mock-up to get a sense of it all:
Cantina_Dude : Please count me in for these if I am not too late! ;)


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How was the soap dispenser discovered? Great work. I think I sent some pictures early on for this project.
RPFer Wavey was watching Firefox and noticed the soap dispensers on the wall in a bathroom fight scene. He also remembered seeing them before back in the 80's.
Wavey told me about it and then I tracked down the manufacturer, CWS, by looking at a lot of old soap dispensers.
Markus then helped me import a bunch of them into the US.


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Crazy. I figured out Boba Fett's belt was a horse girth long ago when I was watching a British period film. It wasn't until the Build your own Boba Fett site appeared on line that I figured out what type it was. Looking forward to seeing your build.

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