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Hey folks. Did a paint up for fun recently which I rarely get the chance to do. I documented it a bit as I went so I figured I’d share it here. I love Boba’s ESB paint job, and have wanted to see it on the updated Bob helmet sculpt from the Book of Boba Fett for quite a while. I used one of the premium helmet casts I made with Red Bow Props as the base. It was painted topically (as opposed to layered) meaning the main colors were applied and all of the chipping and scratches were applied by hand with a brush with the exception of the left ear and green on the back panel. I did this referencing the ESB hero as it exists today as my main reference, Rafal Fett’s “ultra stencils” were looked at to clarify things here and there as needed but were not used as transfers. Finally I referenced the work and builds of a few talented painters, mainly Blaidon Props. I used Archive x for the base colors, Vallejo for some brush painting, as well as Golden and Tamiya. Thanks to JJ Industries for the metal set.

Here is the first set of photos.


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