ESB AT-ST Turkey Walker (Chicken to the talented)

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Guy Cowen

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Its about time I jumped on this band wagon, although there is only still a hand full of these and all are mind blowing, I've decide to join this elite club of studio scale ESB AT-ST owners.

I'd managed to collect over half the kits without even knowing till I jumped in to the searching madness. Still a few to get (the big spenders) etc. So do me a favour if your hording ebay buy's for a later date just hold off for a week :lol

I'm hoping to only spend around £400 on top of what I have already :eek

Still no official 3rd Armature run on the go but hopefully something in the pipe works. If I can get a cad file of it or similar I think I have a guy that can help if a run takes place.

I'm going to do the head first and hold off the legs till a run starts. My biggest inspiration for doing this is Lee's Amazing Chicken thats proudly on display at his place. Another reason is since doing the stop mo legs for the PD I'm kinda getting into the Stop mo part of my collection growing, especially since I've had the incredible Taun/Luke from Jim and soon to be Taun/Han...........Jim mate, I think we need to talk Studio scale Rancor Puppett :behave

Thanks to some great builds on the RPF I should be able to get a close if not wobbly match. I may depending o time end up going for a static model with acrylic legs but hopefully not.

The up shot of this is I'm going to have to thin my collection and go through a few draws to clear out stuff I dont need or want, plenty of Junk yard goodies and ebay hell.

If your an Iron Maiden fan I'm getting rid of a load of pick's from the recent tour so keep an eye out.

A few Lightsabers etc, Obi ANH ASFB custom all metal saber (very nice)

Anyhow back to swearing at ebay and expect an update soon.
Looking forward to following this thread Guy .. perhaps I should get started on the head for my KFC-ST ;-) as well..

As you already know (but it might be interesting for others as well), I don't have any news regarding my run of the armature yet, since my maschinist friend has been held up by other task ...... plus he's on vacation right now ... but I hope to have some more sturdy info within a couple of weeks.

I plan to get one armature set produced first (my personal set) which I'll then test, and document to you together with price info and such. Hope to have something for you ASAP.

Look forward to your thread Guy ...
Thanks Niels, be great to get this up and running so be prepared for a bit of UK nudging now and again :lol

Thankfully this was what I had already in stock before I decided to go ahead with this, it makes me feel very happy that some of my kits are getting used again, we all spend so much money on these things and very often they sit untouched after they've been de flowered!

PS. If anyone is bidding on stuff at he mo that they dont intend to use my Ebay user is Saberjunky so have a heart if we end up in a bidding war, ahhhhh go on!
Never mind, I forgot about the Jagdpanther. Yes, the Fuman had the same parts last I checked. Frog, Fuman and Bandai were mostly the same repackaged molds.

EDIT --- Yeah, I just checked my kit. All the parts pictured are in my kit. ;)

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i've got the drawing and thought i'd shared it with ya by now.
it's normally in CAD, but can get different formats. how would you like it served?
Thanks Joe. Really appreciate the info.


I got the drawing but the guy that can make them wants more detailed drawings (ie: actual dims) the drawing only gives dims for the screws that I have. would the Cad file have exact sizes, lengths etc. I'm a bit dim with this kinda stuff!

I didn't want to bother you incase you're a walking Zombi at the moment :cool
You got another one too Guy, Tamiya Taiho, used on the left side cheek gun (sheild).
Thats a great start too BTW, so many kits there, thats LOT of cash right there already, came in handy that Probe droid lol.

Tyres, you need two fronts from the Tyrrell P34 for the neck boot bud, vintage if poss, they fold and hold better.

Cant wait to see you start this.

Oh and Guy......if you need a Chevy Titan local Hobby Lobby should have them. I got mine for about $25 or so (in and around) after a 40% coupon which they have just about every week. I wouldn't mind looking for you if you need it. It's one of the latest reissues but the cross from the suspension looks correct. LMK.

Would newer tires just not work?


They do Joe, i had them fitted, but they just kept losing shape, almost leaving one side flat, even after warming them in hot water.

I bagged a vintage kit and tried a tyre from that on the off chance as it was thinner rubber, it just held up better IMO.

Not saying the re issue is no good, the vintage tyres just seem to work better.

Well, I guess it's about time I try my tires out. BTW, so it goes, small tire - big tire in the middle- small tire. Right? Any info would help me out...and hopefully Guy, too, since I'm hijacking his thread! :D

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