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Merlin Models.

Just finished assembling mine - LOVE it!



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Wow, that looks clean! Did you notice any wrapping?

Edit: Went to check the website. Apparently it's not resin but actual plastic?


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aarrgh! I really want it! it's just not the right time for me right. And of course by the time i can afford it they will be all gone.


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Adam Savage just posted this video. Does anyone knows who produces this? The casting looks amazing
I saw this Tested video. I don't understand why it was necessary to keep the name of the maker secret. There are a bunch of folks (unlicensed) making replica SW kits. I don't think Nice N is licensed.


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He is not a small youtuber, he could get in trouble. Saying their name would be considered advertisement for an unlicensed product. They won’t go after a guy with 300 views, but they’d go after him. He doesn’t want to take any risk and I understand

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