ESB and ROTJ prop stunt saber blade questions


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hey guys

i started talking about this on my Yuma stunt saber thread but i figured it would make more sense to start a new one.

does anyone know how the aluminum stunt blades were attached to the hilts themselves? that little metal nub in the emitter of vaders ROTJ is that a smaller rod that went into the aluminum blade to secure it to the hilt? b/c looking at BTS photos it looks too thin to be the actual blade base. Also did they have a smaller rod inside the blade that ran through the neck of the luke ROTJ sabers (the yuma and shared stunt)?? ive got a 3/8 threaded rod bonded inside my stunt blades so secure it through the saber neck and body cause the blade is too thick.....................any information would be awesome!! :)

thanks guys