Want to Buy ESB Accurized Denix Mauser.


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Hi everybody! I'm looking to get an ESB accurized Denix Mauser. I unfortunately missed out on the few that were listed in the junkyard as well as Boba Debt's current run. I'm located in the US. Thank you.



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Sure thing! I don't actually know of anyone else who offers an accurizing service for Mausers, but your timing is great as he's lining up to do ESB work:

From an update he sent out to people in the run on Sunday: The Mausers will be the last item the shop machines. At any time during this project if you want to add a Denix Mauser to your order just send me an email with your info and I’ll invoice you for it. I will also do a “Last Call for Denix Mausers” just prior to shipping the Bolts and Lowers to the shop.

Send him a message! bobadebt@ec.rr.com