Episode VII LIve Fire 9mm E11 Blaster (1st version)

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    Just wanted to share pics and video of the Episode VII E11 blaster (or whatever the designation turns out to be) that the Mad Scientist and I built from the movie stills from the 1st trailer.

    We basically locked ourselves into the shop for 30+ hours (actually it might have been closer to 72 when everything was said and done) and didn't come out until we had something that was close.

    Some of the details are not correct, the two frames we had just didn't have enough detail, since then though a bunch of pics have come out so We will be taking another run at this soon.

    The biggest part of this for us was getting a sterling to feed from the right and eject from the left (also had to do it with a permanently fixed stock and in semi auto to avoid NFA issues.

    We also had to make sure the mag was 10 rounds or less (it holds 9, feeds 6 reliably) and had to put a bullet button on it for CA compliance.

    20150807_234854.jpg 20150807_234903.jpg 20150807_234906.jpg 20150807_234921.jpg 20150807_234925.jpg 20150807_234931.jpg
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