Episode I Pod Racer Customs - Lucasfilm CVI Diorama Workshop Needs your help

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by FrankDWC, Jan 27, 2012.

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    Hey Guys, I am looking for help from fellow Model Makers...

    This summer my team and I are organising the Star Wars Celebration VI Diorama Workshop building area. This is our 10th year doing kids and family workshop and the theme is TATOOINE.

    One of the areas we will be building is a ACTION FIGURE 1:1 scale Pod Racer Starting Line. NOT HUMAN LIFESIZE 1:1 - Sorry for that confusion - We will be constructing the stands and Background scenery live at the show but we need your help with the POD RACERS.

    We need to find 10-14 fans who would be interested in building a 1:1 figure scale Pod Racer, either fan original design or one from the Phantom Menace. The idea is for you to build and then we put your work on public display for the 4 days of the convention.

    Signage giving credit due with website links if you wish, would be the least we can do. If you don't want your pod racer back, we give away ALL that we build to the kids on the sunday, if you wish to donate your work for a kids smile, that would be even more awesome.

    Let me know if this is something that would interest you or if a friend of yours that builds, may want to take on this challenge and display in front of more then 40,000 Star Wars fans in Orlando this summer.

    Thank you for any help you can provide to make this section of the Diorama all that it can be.
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  2. Scott Graham

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    Life size? Really?! That's immense.

    Oh, I just noticed in another post that you mean 1:1 scale is the same as hasbro figure scale. That's not the correct way to identify scales. Wouldn't that be about 1:18 scale?
  3. FrankDWC

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    You may be right, of course not HUMAN Life Size 1:1 but CORRECT SCALE to the Hasbro Star Wars Figures, not downsized like the toys usually are.
  4. Jediguy

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    Hasbro scaled would be abt 1:18
  5. chriswalker

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    Greetings! Have you filled your quota for submissions to the Pod Racer Display at Celebration VI? I am very interested in participating. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks! -chris- chris@36degrees.us

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