Episode 7 Stormtrooper Helmet - Yet Another One *Lots o' Pics*

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Endless Wonder, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Endless Wonder

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    Howdy, folks! It's been a good long while since I've been around(personal stuff I won't get in to) but I'm looking forward to hanging out around here again!

    Thought I'd share with you guys the first big project I've worked on since I've started propping again.

    The weekend of Celebration when all of the photos of the new Stormtrooper hit, I HAD to have the helmet. So I've collaborated with @amouro to crank out our own. I sent him every photograph I could find and he worked up a 3D render and converted it to pepakura. Once that was built, fiberglass'd/rondo'd and refined, we made an intermediate casting of that from resin that we then went in and added all of the final detail to.

    A few W.I.P. pics:





    And here's it is before making the final mold:




    And the final product:






    The final piece is slush cast. All one piece except for the lens, mic tip, and "clips" on the top. Extremely pleased with how it turned out! :)
  2. TommyC

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    Great skills, great work. Looks fantastic. Lots of detail.Are you going to make a run to sell?
  3. Endless Wonder

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    Thanks! As for a run, nothing planned at the moment but that could change if there's enough interest.
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  4. Shrubpig

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    This is the best stormie helmet from TFA that I've seen so far. Great work!
    I would be interested in a run :)
  5. griffinx1

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    Very nice work on this helmet. I would also be interested in picking one up. :thumbsup
  6. Objetivotuning

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  7. eifion

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    The master is pepakura?? Insane skills, so sharp and clean . . . looks like it was cnc'd with lasers it's so precise :thumbsup
  8. Lear60man

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    Can you post a side by side post with one of the Celebration buckets? Firstly, this is the cleanest Ep7 trooper lid I have seen, period. If the general shape lines up with one of the screen used lids, you will have no problem getting interested parties........me included.
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  9. Endless Wonder

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    Thanks, everyone. Most of the credit goes to amouro. He did all the hard work. My bit was easy compared to his(not to mention the fact he had to deal with my constant nitpicking and "it's not accurate enough" tweaks :p).

    I will try and take some photos later today that match the angles as close as possible to some of the Celebration photos.

    It's not perfect. There are several inaccuracies with it, including some of the shape, but overall I think we got pretty close.
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  10. victorvulpine

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    I have seen one other new style bucket from EP7 in person besides this bucket and it was a very wonky cast that looked way under sized. but this helmet is absolutely amazing!!! I know I will be getting one if you do a run. Kick * work guys! Super Sexy.
  11. Endless Wonder

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  12. Nairod

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    Impressive work on the whole shape and all the details!!!
  13. amouro

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    A lot of blood sweat and tears went into it. And time. And cursing. And a minor eye injury. But I'm really happy with the final product. And I'm even happier to see that you guys are impressed with our work.
  14. Endless Wonder

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    Ya done good, Boy!

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