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Just because I don't have enough Falcon related projects running simultaneously, I'm working on a model of the New Falcon.

I perspective-matched a screencap from the new trailer, and I'm starting building into it. The body is mostly consistent with a basic model I already had based on the blueprints of the full scale film prop used in Empire. Notably, the saucer domes are a smidge deeper, contrary to the observation some have made that she looked a little slimmer than she should. Most of the greebles seem to be consistent with the 5' studio scale model from the first three films, but there are a lot of proportional/placement differences.

I'll be adding bits and pieces until I have a whole ship. Then, oh joy, the paint job.

anyone want to make a conversion of an existing kit, to make it consistent with her new look?






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Completely, off-topic, but what kind of system are you running to handle your modeling software? Your models and renders always seem to be sooooo complex, my system would not like them AT ALL.

Completely, off-topic, but what kind of system are you running to handle your modeling software? Your models and renders always seem to be sooooo complex, my system would not like them AT ALL.

you might be surprised. This is all plain old free-version sketchup with a few choice plugins, and rendered with an unlicensed copy of Indigo. My computer is nothing fancy either.


The detail is decent, but the color is way off. :lol

Really though, that's one of the most impressive builds I've ever seen. Looks like JJ Abrams called you months ago, said he wanted to do a practical shot, and asked you to build a scaled-down replica. If that's not the case, you're ambition is awe-inspiring.
yeah I just can't figure out why the color doesn't look right... someone said I should keep the dirt subtle, but I don't know, I think I over did it?

Stupid question alert..........

What will you do with it when its done? Print it out as a model? Or will this only be viewable on a computer?
hahahah "when it's done" ...what does "done" mean?

I don't have a strict plan for a final version. Just the satisfaction of having done it. It might work well as a virtual reference, if folks want to make practical models that are close to what we're going to see in EPVII
Well its obviously the 5fter.
Hey Stinson do you know anything more about the look of that radar dish?
not sure yet what I know about the dish, but these are my opinions about it.



I think there's more structural detail on the front of the dish, and I'm not sure about the pistons or the plates with holes.


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In rotj they showed the dish and its stand coming off I think. I was wondering if they just replaced it with the dish from the blockade runner model. Do you think its a physical model or CG?
definitely CG, in my opinion, though that would be sweet if they were doing complex flight shots like this with some old fashioned props.

the dish is definitely similar to the blockade runner's, with some curved shapes cut out of the edges, but it's not a direct copy.
Very accurate to the screen 3D model. Does anyone think that the "pistons" that move the engine vectoring plates look a bit flimsy on the original? That's a huge surface to move for such a thin rod.
On a slightly different subject, I wonder if Disney renovated the interior of the falcon. Perhaps added some drop ceilings, hidden all the pipes, put in a new games table and couch. :lol


On a serious note, when the link opened for your update (with the falcon render), the first thing I thought was 'GEEZ BEAUTIFUL, I don't want to push his buttons but I wish he'd overlay it HOLY SHIPWRECK!!!(me scrolling) HE DID HE DID!

Beautiful. And difficult. I'm sure a lot of your previous helped you, but WHO CARES. Beautiful. Cheers to you.
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