Ep 7 Storm Trooper helmet WIP

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    Here's my latest work... a commission for a good friend, the Episode 7 Storm Trooper lid. Initially, he wanted a "master" (meaning pep'd out, built up, painted and put on display), but when he heard the cost he decided to go for a cast instead. I don't blame him, I'd do the same. So I decided to build out the "master" in such a way that it's easier to get a very smooth finish and easier to mold up. This means some of the greeblies will be cast separately and attached prior to paint. The clay and silicon for the matrix mold have been ordered and I'm trying to locally source the perforated aluminum sheet that I'll use for the frown area. Lenses will be vac formed and the mic tip will probably be made of either billet aluminum or cold cast aluminum. I plan to offer this up as a kit or completed lid, hopefully before December.

    The pep file is courtesy of rundown that I modified for A4 paper and used a 250g card stock. Aside from that groove that goes around the helmet that was a total pain, it went together fairly easily. Total time spent hand-cutting and assembling the pep: 37 hours... and not a single x-acto or paper cut.

    I used a contact cement to assemble it and once it was all together, I went over all the joints with thin CA glue. This helped keep the resin from reacting with the contact cement (just in case it would have) and also gave it all some rigidity.


    Once the fumes from the CA cleared out and it was all nice and cured, 2 resin coats were applied (one on the outside and one inside). I used a black marker to color the black areas just to give me an idea of what it's looking like.

    After the resin, 2 layers of fiberglass matting were laid up and left to cure. All in all, 1 liter of resin was used and a few ounces of matting. Thanks for lookin... stay tuned.


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    Excellent work. Can't wait to see it finished!
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    After some of the bondo/sanding...

    After some primer to get a better idea how things are shaping up... Also removed that brow above the eyes.

    Something about it still looks off, and after looking over every piece of reference material I have, the front part of the helmet that transitions to the sides is too thick. It needs some cutting and re-working. There are a couple of other little tweaks here and there that are needed.
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    WOW, that's amazing that it started out in paper. Love it and look forward to seeing finished pics.
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    I wanna thank you for all the info in here and the excelent job you made. It help me and encourage me to made my own. Thx

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