Ep 3 Imperial Officers


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Are there any differences between the OT Imperial officers and the ROTS officers? Looking at the pic on the toy packaging, it looks to be the same except for the fabri, but I'm no expert on these things so I wanted to be sure.
A while back, I remember seeing a BTS pic of the SD bridge set, with some good shotso f the officers. Does anyone know where I can find it?


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The uniform is mostly the same but has epulets o the shoulders. The cap is also different with a rounder profile and the rank badges are more complex with a 3d backplate that the coloured 'buttons' are mounted in.

The dressing a galaxy book has a picture in, while its not the biggest picture its better than any Ove seen so far.


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Originally posted by DarkLordSalvo@Feb 13 2006, 12:13 AM
In all the pics I've seen of the officers they have an extra panel on the front section that comes halfway down and then across between the chest and stomach.
I dont remember this in the OT officers.

Like this:
I just noticed that too. It shouldn't be too hard to work into the pattern.