Entex Porsche ID project


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I recently won an untouched complete Entex Porsche for the Slave One(s) I am building. While we get moving along on the Sealab castings for everybody, I figured it'd be good to inventory and do the Entex Porsche as well. I'll scan the part numbers after the weekend to help with specific part IDs, so chime in what you know! When we've IDed it all, there will be Junkyard posts so you can buy casts. So please, do not bother saying you are in, and asking for prices - because we don't know prices, and I don't want this to be a for sale thread. That will happen later in the Junkyard.

PS - this sucker is so much bigger in the box than I realized!!


So - Slave 1, Millennium Falcon 5 footer, Snowspeeder - what else?
I think this has about 5-6 parts for the 32" falcon, especially the tranny halves?? I thought about bidding on that, casting what I needed & re sell the kit.
Hi Allan - I'm a dope, yeah, that AT-ST thing, too, haha. I can't describe the rush I felt liking at that dippy part, still on sprue. My wife was smiling in that "you're just a mess" kind of way, heh.

Bama Chris - I'm gonna be a nut ball and use the styrene! But first - castings!
Very cool, Jason. It's an amazing kit, isn't it? ;)

JK, I've never seen one of these with all parts still on the sprue. Mainly the thing is so large and the parts pretty heavy that they tend to work themselves off the sprue over time, even if it was never opened.
As I recall, there's the tranny halfs, two additional detail parts from the engine and a section(two dentical castings) from the valve covers (I think?) that have to be trimmed off that also go to the ESB Falcon.I was going to be molding and casting the parts for the Falcon, but I've had nothing but bad luck come up between school,work,not working, major dental and other medical mishaps like the most recent one.A massive infection in my leg.
that is awesome, i didnt have a clue how big that kit really is! should be really interesting to find out how many models this kit was a donor for.
JPolacci, yeah, I was backing off the Falcon as you were gonna do it - but if you want me/Salzo to, it can be added. I'm mostly concerned with Slave One initially... but it's here to help everyone, and stuff and junk!

Allan is right - some sprues had NO parts attached - just an old smelly (mostly) yellowed bag with big heavy plastic and a naked sprue tree rattling around the bottom. Some are intact, though!

But I will indeed take pics of everything for this thread!
My Entex kit that I bought is pristine.Everything is sealed and all parts attached to the sprues.Even the large decals still look new.No staining,fading,yellowing or dicoloring.I really lucked out when I sprang for it at the time.I got it from a guy who received it as "a gift" way back in 79' but he said he was too intimidated to start on it.People had asked me, but I really didn't see enough call or need for making Entex castings for the Slave I.Only 3-4 people wanted parts,and a few others only wanted one of the parts.I would have lost money making castings for the Slave I or I would have had to charge folks up the wazoo to make up the difference.The cost in molding the part(s) in silicone on its own would have really raised the price up. I had every intention of making the castings for the Falcon.I was drowning in dental bills at the time.All my money I was making went into a painful root canale at UCSF where I got to be a student's test bunny.It took her 4 moths to finish it and I still haven't got a crown which is an additional $1,000.00 (or more).The latest medical escapade will set me back at least $400-$600.All the money I had been saving the last few months is now gone.I flat out don't have the funds to finish the molds and castings,otherwise I would do it since my work/job has slowed to a screaching halt.Believe me,I can really use the $$$.
Do you have dental?!? That's awful, man, ouch. I've had two root canals and a crown in the past month (since one of the root canals was on an already-crowned tooth), and out of pocket for everything was less than $500... but I work for NIH and have crazy-nice health care. Thank god too, because I need more work done!

I went to an endodontist for my crowns - was in and out in 2 hours, each time. Wife took me for Pho later, too ;)


I'm always in that chair.
None of my jobs provide me dental or medical and I can't afford to buy my own independently.Mainly I've been releying on going to the JC's dental school here where I can get a free cleaning for volunteering,but they don't do cavities or anything else.I've had good check ups until within the last year.I chipped a tooth,it went bad and well...there ya have it. I also need a few more things done,some of it they are calling cosmetic but I've argued with them saying its more preventative than anything else.No coverage (even if I had it) for cosmetic work.Recently I acquired a good dose of cellalitus and infatigo on my knee.It was really bad not to mention disgusting.Infatigo is also extrememly contagious.I've been on anti-biotics now for almost a week.All bummer news aside...now that my money has gone in saving a tooth and most recently my leg,I can't say when I'll have money saved to mold and cast the Entex parts.I also can't buy that 1/12 scale Spinner now.That really gets me because I've been drooling over it since it was announced Randy was making it. S*&$!?*%!$%!:behave:angry
i'm not sure how many of you all have met jason in person. no offense jason, but you're kind of a petite man. that box isn't any bigger than any regular 1/12 tamiya F1 kit...jason's demure size just makes it look big.

btw jason, like your sealab, are you framing the box lid afterwards?
Haha, petite (wipes tear from eye with giant hand)... If I can get the box to stop smelling like an old man's soggy attic, yes!
Joking right? The 1/8 scale Porsche box is pretty big.You can fit at least two Tamiya 1/12 scale kits inside this box.At least the one I have unless on later releases of the kit before Entex went under that made the boxes smaller.The 1/8 scale Entex JPS and Mclaren boxes are on the small size,but not the Porsche.
Joking right? The 1/8 scale Porsche box is pretty big.You can fit at least two Tamiya 1/12 scale kits inside this box.At least the one I have unless on later releases of the kit before Entex went under that made the boxes smaller.The 1/8 scale Entex JPS and Mclaren boxes are on the small size,but not the Porsche.

yes. t'was joking.
i heard rumors of you casting the entex...whatever came of that?
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