Enterprise Klingon Disruptor

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    I got this Enterprise era Klingon disruptor a while back from Sporak and love it. It's made from the hose attachment the originals were made from with the added greebles. I finally got a chance to get it weathered and here are some pics of the results. I used several auction house pics as reference. Some were pretty clean and some were really, really weathered. I went with kind of an in between.

    First pic is the before and the rest is after.
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    I was lucky and found one of those spraynozzels that it was based on.. they are huge.
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    So I have a question for you two (or anyone who may know).

    I know that the Jet Spray Power Washer wand was used for the base of the gun, is it the identical size of the ENT disruptor kits that are floating around?

    I have read about castings coming out slightly larger than the original and I have been debating on buying the sprayer so I can have the satisfaction of casting and sculpting myself a version instead of buying a kit. I'm pretty new at casting and though I will likely practice casting on simpler items, I was thinking that if I snagged an original spray gun, then I would feel more accomplished creating my own replica when I get "around to it". Plus, I belong to a Klingon fan club and I would like to show fellow members how to make their own instead of relying on sellers with inferior casts.

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    Wow, I really like the diamond/casket shape on the sides harkening back to the tips of the original series Klingon disruptor!

    I haven't heard of castings getting larger, that's a good trick!. Typically, casts get smaller as some "fast cast" resins tend to shrink a bit. Then, as things are re-cast, they keep shrinking...
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    Sorry made Boo-boo
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    Yeah, I noticed that too and thought it was a good transition design to place on them to tie them to the TOS series.

    Doh. My bad, I actually read that it shrinks and was on my way back to correct my statement. Like I said, I'm still new at casting and such. I mainly design and pick up "found" props. Thanks for the clarification though. :thumbsup
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