Enik the Altrusian Costume Replica

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    So as a kid, I watched the reruns of the original Land of the Lost. I have to say that of all character's Enik was the most appealing to me. As a kid, I knew a lot of folks that collected props and costumes (back before the "collectors" were in the picture) and I always said that Enik was one costume I would always want. Now fast forward a few years. I was watching Hollywood Treasures with a friend. Enik turns up and my friend says, why don't you build a costume. So I did some research, and put together a plan. After a lot of hard work (many of you might laugh) I finished. I'm pretty proud of the final piece (it could be better, but was my first creature attempt) and from what I can tell, the first attempt to create a costume that is close to original. I've seen several cloth based costumes and repaints of the movie sleestak costumes. Anyhow. I've lurked on this site for a decade and guess I should post something. Thanks to everyone that has inspired me over the years hear.

    I built the costume as close as possible to the original - at least based on an interview I read with Michael Westmore. It is a wet-suit that is covered with individually cut scales (I tried to trace screen images when I could)

    I have a lot of build photos but won't bore folks with those unless there is an interest.

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    Wow! If that's your first creature costume I hope you make more and post them. Excellent work!:thumbsup
    Also, thanks for coming out of the shadows and posting this. Beautiful job!
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    Thanks! Yep first time to do a creature suit, first time to use an airbrush. LOL Guess ya gotta start sometime.

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