Empire Strikes Back Chewbacca before sound effects


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I like the one from ANH in the office above the Falcon where Peter says the line "That old man is mad" in referring to Ben.


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These are awesome, thanks for posting! The clip of the opening of ANH has alternate takes of the Tantive flybys, I love this stuff.


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For some reason, that Chewbacca shouting at Han clip just made me cry laughing. Silly things like that do it sometimes. I can watch most comedy films from beginning to end and not even crack a smile, then something like this will set me off.



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I love the Chewie ones because it's like hearing a translation of what he's actually saying. Someone should do subtitles.. lol.


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They hired a sword fighter to do the lightsabre battles as Vader in ESB and ROTJ, could have been him.


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no, that audio was too clear. It wasn't coming from inside the helmet. It's the same voice that called action and even gave Prowse stage directions ("turn"). My bet is also on Marquand. Prowse is just miming the lines along to Richard. Probably because it was a long take and easier for Richard to read than for Prowse to memorize and to get the right pacing that Richard wanted.