EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Additional Animation Footage

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    Well, I guess this was inevitable, since stop-motion is my passion and I've been doing these puppet replicas for awhile now it was just a matter of time before I got around to actually using one for some experimental animation. First off I hope the mods don't mind me posting this here since I'm using a studio scale model for this project in the same way that the original filming model was used. What I hope to achieve is to match the look and feel of the original as best I can while using the same basic methods of the original only on a shoestring budget.
    Now, ESB is one of my favorite films of all time but there was always one little, tiny thing that bugged me just a tad. Now I'm probably the only one who has ever let this bother them but, I've always wondered how that huge Wampa was ever able to just pop up outta nowhere and take Luke out. Sooooo, I've come up with a couple of shots that I've always wanted to see and hopefully will help explain that a tad more...... if not then oh well, it'll just be an exercise in fun!
    I'll go into what those shots will be later but for now I need to concentrate on getting the miniature set finished and getting the Taun puppet detailing done. I'm gonna be using a very crude, homemade puppet mover rig based on what the original ILM rig could do.... only totally manually. I'll go further into details later but I just wanted to throw this project out there hoping that it's in the right forum, please feel free to move if necessary. I've attached a pic of my set-up as it stands right now, more to come....... slowly!
    I must be outta my mind!!
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    What a cool project!

    Certainly gets my vote to keep it in Studio Scale Modeling. +1 as the kids like to say...
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    Really Really looking forward to this Jim mate, especially as the Taun is somewhat close to my heart (soon) Cough!!

    I know you will knock this out of the park, I understand now why you want to use the Luke puppet as well...makes sense.

    Will the Wampa be Gorilla shaped by any chance?? Now that would be cool to see Kong take a shot at Luke....only joking.

    Its about time we all see the true fruit of your work mate, not only a beyond talented artist but a stop mo film maker also. I'm really really excited mate.
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    Its bonafide studio scale for me too Jim, eager to see what you can do, i LOVE anything that surrounds Hoth scenarios.

    Wanna build a big crater for a droid to pop out while your at it lol.


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    Thanks for the votes of confidence, I'm sure gonna try my best as this is something I've wanted to do for soooo very long, to get back to my first love..... traditional FX work. Be patient with me as I can only squeak in spare time work on this amidst my commissioned work which takes priority.
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    This is just pure fun and what the hobby is all about to me!
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    I wonder if Adywan needs any Tauntaun footage for his edit of Empire...
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    Very good idea, this.

    I'm intrigued generally by the notion of filming all our SS models. After all, they are film-making TOOLS... sitting there on stands just waiting for cameras and lights... Plus ILM only got to do a small fraction of the shot possibilities...
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    Looks awesome! Great idea. Keep it up.
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    Are you doing this with a solid silicone model, or did you cast this one differently? Really looking forward to seeing it in action!

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    It's cast the same as the others, I've also got the Wampa's lair entrance made and it's just awaiting a coating of snow...... pics coming soon
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    Can't wait :thumbsup!
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    Really looking forward to this mate
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    Yeah you tease, direct me to this thread, and now i got to wait. Thats just wrong.

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    Ok, here's what I've got so far on the Wampa's lair entrance set piece, keep in mind this will be set up as a layered perspective shot so there will be more pieces in the foreground and background with this lair entrance in the middle..... the entire set-up will also be elevated more above the tabletop, I just have the set piece floating here for the pic, also the last brighter pic is just to show that there is detail inside the cave as well. I also have yet to add the stalagtites and mites..... stay tuned

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