Emma Frost modified costume


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Hey there!

One of my favorite x-men is Emma Frost, but she's always half naked, so I redesigned her costume with something in the middle between her classic costume and the new version of "marvel now" in uncanny x-men.
I originally wanted to make the newest version (marvel now), but since almost no one (here in Italy, or at least in Florence) seems to read this comic I had to improvise a new version
As in the drawing it will be white with a strange shoulders protection in leather, long sleeves, white jeans, a strange cape and white leather shoes


I'll obviously wear a blonde wig and I'll get some Swarovski glued to my face

Let me know what you think about it! There will be new updates soon (I hope)


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Soooo I'm here again! This time I've finished the shoulder armor!!! (Yes, I don't have much to do these days)

So there it is!
I made some patterns and made them from the foam (3mm)


Then I tried to duct tape them together to see what would come out of them

image.jpg image.jpg

Than I covered them with this fake white leather


At the end this is the result!

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

This is it for today! As always let me know your thought about it and I'll post new part soon!
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