Embo's Heavy Crossbow Blaster.... Anyone inspired?

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First off, I hate these kind of posts. You probably was hoping to see a prop replica or at least WIP. Instead you have some idiot posting a picture of a prop replica he would like to see made.

Anyhow, I love the Embo character. My father used to always say, "if a guy can use his hat for a sled, then that guy is a badass". Well, okay, I'm paraphraseing. He actually said, "Stop sticking you hands down your pants." But the core thought is there.

This image was just posted on TCW Facebook page and I thought it might inspire someone here to build a replica.

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Re: Embo's Heavy Crossbow Blaster

Add a question mark to your threads title and off it goes, that senior member's pet peeve guilt!
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