EM-50 From Stripes who has built one?


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Another option might be to start with the "Hess" version. I have one of these from when I was a kid and it's been on my list to try converting it. You can find them for a decent price, especially if you are not concerned about "mint" condition

This is not mine, but here are some pics



It's just a tad over 11" long, a little under 5" tall (to the top of the A/C units; 4" to the roof) and right at 4" wide (not counting the mirrors) whihc supposedly makes it around 1/25 scale.


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I looked some up on EBAY. Again, if you don;t care about the box/collector mint condition value, I have seen them as low as $13


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The problem with commercial miniatures is the fact they tend to be built like studio scale, that is; whatever is convenient to make. The GMC is probably more like 1/27 to 1/29 rather than a standard 1/25. Looking at the size of the wheels, the GL looks like its car wheels are larger than the GMC truck wheels. We know that can't be right.
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Here’s my attempt at building the EM-50. I used the Hess van as the base and scratch built all the details.


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