Elysium Kruger Exosuit fabric help


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Hey guys,

I recently started building Kruger's Exosuit for cosplay but I'm having hard time finding a suitable fabric for the abdomen piece. It's the sort of breathing mesh you can find on backpack backs. I've tried several stores that sell fabric online, but I can't find even remotely the right color. If anyone knows of a source where I could get this kind of mesh in this color I would greatly appreciate it.

Ref12 - Copy.pngElysium-Kruger-s-HULC-Suit-1 - Copy.jpg
I suspect that any kind of mesh like that is going to be polyester, which doesnt really dye :/ Maybe you could find a sports team with similar colors and salvage some from an old jersey or a pair of basketball shorts... thats what kind of fabric it looks like to me.
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