Elkman's bodysuit in progress


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I'm in the middle of painting up my bodysuit. I think I like the way the speckles are turning out, but I'm trying to figure out if the sides should be darker. (Or, for that matter, if the overall effect should be a little darker.)



I haven't finished the legs yet, and I haven't really figured out what to do with the forearms or lower legs. They may not matter, since they'll be covered with gauntlets and armor, but I should still figure them out.

Any comments?
Very nice. You could add some darker brown shades all over the whole thing including the head......but thats just me. What is your body suit made of?
Nice start ! I agree with Beast Mode. The skin is too much yellow on my opinion. You still need to add some darker colors (brown or green).
Yeah, I think you guys were right about adding more brown. I've added a lot more brown to the sides and around the legs and arms, and I've tried to tone the yellow areas down a bit. Here's my progress:


By the way, that's a Mr. Incredible suit with three or four layers of latex, courtesy of MacGuyver's great Huntorial.
Heres what you can try, if its too yellow try mottling some sand/light tan over the yellow areas. The spots look pretty good but the base skin needs to be broken up a bit. Your got a good start. Keep going.
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