Elite Dangerous Remlok Helmet appeal for help


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Hi all, long time since I've posted, but I'm in the process of building a Remlok helmet from the video game Elite Dangerous which will need a vacuum formed dome pulling over the buck I'm making. My question is, are there any RPF'ers in North East UK that have a vac forming rig that would be willing to have a crack at it? It would save me the expense and faff of building one myself for this one job. It'll be a while before the mould is ready, just testing the water.

The material I've seen that may suit is this- 1.5mm Nitto Jushi CLAREX Acrylic Precision Thin Sheet Black - Etsy UK

but I'm happy to take advice on its suitability. I was also going to suggest some trial pulls with cheaper clear acrylic too.

Many thanks


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    Remlok 1.jpg
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