Elf movie creepy evil Jack in the Box


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Here is the video of mine working.
laugh 1
laugh 2

I love this movie and I am a toy maker. Anyhow I though this would be a cheesy gift for my wife.
The laughing Jack in the Box from Elf, also one of her favorite movies.
Jack in the box - YouTube
I got the Jack in the Box from Amazon, added a speaker hole and activation button, I had to add a new false bottom as Jack boxes are tin that have been cripped together.

The movie correct one is the clown Schylling Jack-In-The-Box.
The laugh is Ripper Roo from the Crash Bandicoot video game.
I got some help loading the SFX to the chip, I had to make a template to add speaker holes to the side of the box, All the electronics can be a bit smaller, but that is what I had.
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Glad she loved the jack in the box. That thing is too cool. Showed the video to my girlfriend and she liked it too!


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I think I may do a tutorial on how to make these instead, Part of the issues is getting the jack in the box at a decent price. I'll see what I can do, I did take some build pics.


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Any chance you have a tutorial? I have the jack in the box but would love to make it laugh to surprise my wife. im not handy at all but would still love to try! if not no worries but I wanted to ask! id even be willing to pay you to make me one! im located near los angeles as well. anyways would appreciate any help but if not no worries at all! thanks


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Thanks for bumping this old thread or else I would have never have seen it. Since reading it I have decided to try to build one of these as well. Foe anyone else looking be aware that the new versions have a different rad handle that is a more square shape. For the screen correct version it's the round ball as seen in the links above and pic below..

As for the voice chips Im sure something similar to ones made in china for a couple bucks on ebay or the greeting card types could work.

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