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Hey everyone, this is my first thread so please excuse any mistakes. I was looking around the RPF this morning, and I found a link to the Children in Need auction for Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor costume. It has a great picture of the Eleventh Doctor's watch. I was wondering if anyone as identified it or at least gotten close.
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1. Welcome
2. Looks like a older Timex with a spidel type of band.
3. You shouldn't post links to live auctions unless you think they're bogus.

"3. You shouldn't post links to live auctions unless you think they're bogus."

This rule is for general auctions that other board members might bid on. The idea is that if there is a good deal on ebay for something is would suck for it to be posted to the board and have the price skyrocket.

But this charity auction is currently around 35k GBP. So I don't think the same thinking really applies, does it?

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How much does that work out to be in USD? I knew that costume would go for so much - it's complete which has to be rare, not to mention how many authentic Who items make it to the collectors market - especially something so amazing as the hero wardrobe.
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