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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by FuseNova, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. FuseNova

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    I building up a door opener from SGU and want the light to switch from one light to another. So basically, a 12V A/B light switch.

    I know this is stupid simple and cant believe I cant find the right Google terms.

    Help appreciated!
  2. Mr.Engineer

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    Erm... not sure what kind of door but I am thinking of a micro-switch and a switch-over relay...
  3. Stormleader

    Stormleader Well-Known Member

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    Would be pretty easy with a SPDT latching switch.
  4. propmaster2000

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    Without much more information, Stormleader has the simplest approach:


    With more details, comes more methods.

  5. Hfuy

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    Yes, the request is terribly lacking in details. I had to think for a minute to work out what an SGU was. Something to do with Stargate, I assume.
  6. FuseNova

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    Funny thing is, I didn't mean to post this yesterday until I thought about this more. I came back to this PC today and the message was posted. Oops.

    - A rocker will not work - I need a push button.

    - Each push should alternate between light LED A and LED B.

    I'll use one of the lower buttons to turn it on/off.
  7. CynderBloc

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    You can get latching push button switches

    EDIT: Sorry, total brain fart there. There's probably an easier solution than this one, but it's not coming to me at the minute


    Ok, that's actually the 5th time I've changed that pic....it's definitely right this time :D Except for the fact that you need to add another toggle switch to the lower circuit....otherwise it'll be permanantly on
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  8. NormanF

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  9. DrewSmith007

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    NormanF's idea should work, but you might have to attach both LED's to the NO parts of the switch, depending on how the switch works.
  10. FuseNova

    FuseNova Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I'll give this a shot and let you know how it works out.

    Thank you!!
  11. stefanchik

    stefanchik Active Member

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    Dunno if you managed it in the end ?
    but see this thread to my alternating on off door light


    post Nr 8 has my pics,

    how I did it, was take off the brown door knob
    drill through the black plastic block, mount two push button micro swithces on top of each other inside the drilled block with one if the off and the other in the on position, connect a single power source (12v DC) to both switches, and then superglue the brown knob onto the 2nd microswitch
    ... when you then press the knob it will turn the on one off, and the off one on :))
    ... NB the hard part is making sure you DONT drill too deep into the block as then your 2nd micro switch wont be able to peep out of the drilled hole for you to have the push button effect

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